Val Chavrière

Ski touring in Val Chavrière

Ski touring in France
Duration: 5 days
from 690 €
* for 5 participants (791 € for 4 participants, 964 € for 3 participants)
Technical level required:
Physical level required:

Minimal level : Have a good experience of the off-piste skiing.

Walking time : Day 1 : 2 h, Day 2 : 7 h , Day 3 : 6 h, Day 4 : 5 h, Day 5 : 4h.

Heigh variation : Day 1 +500, Day 2 + 1000 m - 500 m, Day 3 + 1000 m - 1000 m, Day 4 +700 -600, Day 5 +1000 - 2000

Luggage porterage : Luggage will be carried by the participants. A backpack a person.


Name : MEREL James
Diploma : High Mountain Guide
Mobile phone : 0033 6 81 19 05 50
E-mail : 

Vanoise is the paradise of the skier, whether it is for the short ski method with the stations which we know but also for the hike. We shall go to visit in May the valley of Chavière with a small raid towards High Maurienne. This valley is situated in the South of Pralognan Vanoise, we find in particular the Refuges of the Rock of the Peach, Peclet Polset there. Reliefs lend themselves ideally to the ski with numerous possibilities of every quoted of the valley. The last day, after our raid in high Maurienne, the planned descent is one of doubtless more beautiful the Alps.

Taille du groupe

Required minimum number: 3 participants

Required maximum number: 5 participants

Accommodation type

Mountain refuge guarded


Picnic to be planned for day 1. Stay in pension with picnic taken in refuges for days 2, 3, 4, 5.


Private cars until Pralognan


Police formalities : compulsory ID card with date of validity.

Sanitary formalities : Warn your guide of any medical risk. To realize this stay in the best conditions, we advise you to make beforehand a medical balance sheet with your general practitioner to confirm your capacity for the trekking.

Access to the meeting

By every possible means at your convenience

Start : the 23rd of April 2017 at 10 h
End : the 27st of April 2017 at 16 h


690 € for 5 participants
791 € for 4 participants
964 € for 3 participants

The price includes

Elements described above concerning: 

The supervision with an high mountain guide, the accommodation, the half board, the picnics.

The price don't includes

Elements described above concerning:

The personal insurances, the drinks, the showers in refuge, the personal equipment, the expenses of police formalities and toilets and all which is not mentioned in this form

Payment terms

Deposit of 30 % on registration. Balance in 30 days of the departure. Payments accepted by bank transfer or bank card.


Every participant have to be a holder of a civil liability as well as an individual guarantee multirisk with the aim of protecting itself incidents or accidents which can arise before either during the trekking.

If needed, we propose you several formulae of insurances, under the condition that your place of residence is in Europe:

  • ASSISTANCE : repatriation / expenses of help and search in 1 % of the amount of the price,
  • CANCELLATION in 3,5 % of the amount of the price
  • In the case of purchase of both formulae, Assistance + cancellation to 4,5 %, you will be also covered for the interruption of stay. 

General arrangements of Insurance on brochures Europ Assistance.

Day 1: meeting to Pralognan Vanoise at the beginning of the morning (possibility of on-the-spot night) gone up towards the refuge of the Rock of Peche and towards the Rock of Blanchon. At night in the refuge of the Rock of the Peche

Day 2: pass rouge, pass of Fonds 2907 m, descent towards the refuge Peclet Polset.

Day 3: dome of Polset 3326 m to go away and return.

Day 4: Breche of the croix de la rue and the descent Maurienne towards the refuge of the DentParrachée.

Day 5: pass of Labby, passage of Rosoire 3478 m descent towards Pralognan.

It is of course only area code, it will be necessary to us to adapt ourselves to the hazards of the weather report as well as in the conditions of the mountain and the participants. In the last resort, the mid mountain guide remains only judge of the program whom he can modify because of imperatives of safety.

Furnished equipment

Belt, DVA, shovel, probe

Rent equipment


Personal equipment to be planned

Necessary equipment for Trek with skis.

The weight is the first enemy of the walker. It is important that all the material(equipment) which you will carry(wear) is the lightest possible


  • 3 T-shirt, of which a cotton for night. The ideal for the walking(step) is the underwear in fibers not holding(retaining) the perspiration or better woolen
  • 2 leggings in the same fibers if possible of which a c to serve for night
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 2 sweat-shirt or sub-polar 


  • A toothbrush
  • A toothpaste (a small tube or a big tube to be shared with other members)
  • A small hand towel
  • A small soap more wash glove
  • A labial screen more a sunscreen sunblock
  • Wipes for the dress(toilet). 

Personal pharmacy:

  • Some aspirin tablets
  • Skin (type)((chap)) (Compeed) Elastoplaste and doubles
  • Balls Quies or ear plugs (type)((chap)) (Ear) fights against the snorers 

Technical material(equipment) clothes:

  • An overall or a ski pants
  • A light overtrousers in case the cold would be very lively. The ideal is an overtrousers opening completely from top to bottom and being able to thus be put without removing ski boots 
  • A thick polar fur or a hot pullover
  • A thick windbreak with hood
  • A down jacket or an equivalent - A pair of light gloves (kind(genre) polar fur)
  • A pair of mittens or of hot gloves
  • A hat(cap)
  • A cap or a visor

Other material(equipment):

  • A glasses of effective sun
  • Possibly a mask of ski doubles screen for the bad weather
  • A pair of ski boots of hike(ride). It's better to have tried them on the ground especially for the lasting days raids(treks).

Important: even if you have never had bulbs, it is wise to warn(prevent) them by resting(posing) of the élastoplaste on zones exposed(explained) by the foot, the heel, the sole of the foot...

  • Ski touring equipped with fixations(bindings) of hike(ride).
  • Skins of seal, to glue skins before leaving, especially if it is about material(equipment) of rent. The glue in tube is more effective than the glue in bomb(spray)
  • Knives with ice(mirror,ice cream) adaptable to the fixations(bindings)
  • Ski sticks
  • A minimum 30 liter backpack for one-day hikings, 45 l for raid(trek), with side belts of fixations(bindings) of skis
  • Thick, rather isothermal one 
  • A belt light (cycling shorts)
  • Studs(cramps) if possible light, (so necessary) ice axe. Remark: refuges are equipped with covers(blankets), the sleeping bag is thus useless but a small bag in sheet (liner is compulsory)
  • foods of running(race): the dinners take themselves in the refuge.

The snack for day must be cold.

According to your tastes:

  • Bread, cheese, ham, sausage...
  • Chocolate, biscuits, dried fruits...
  • Smoked salmon, caviar, or time fat for the guide.

Not exhaustive list