vanoise et beaufortain

Crests of Beaufortain in the rapids of Isère: 4 days of multi-activities.

Duration: 4 days
from 465 €
* Price if 11 to 12 participants, other one to see detail
Technical level required:
Physical level required:

Level: intermediary. From 14 years.

The crossing of Beaufortain in hike is made on marked paths or except easy paths. The time of walking is of 6 hours the first two days then 2:30 am the third.

Made uneven: between 800 and 700 m positive during the day

Height: between 1300 and 2600 m Backpack relieved with night in refuge in half board and supplied braids

Via - ferrata of the day 3 is an untangled level.

The exit 21 km rafting is accessible for beginners.

It is enough to know how to swim 25m. The route, progressive, allows to learn the adequate techniques of navigation.

So via - ferrata and the rafting can be made by people who do not know activity but who are in good physical condition


y a guide, an inhabitant la Tarentaise for the hike. A high mountain guide for via - ferrata.

A guide of river for the raft.

All State-certified.

Guide and guide of river : 
Name : DEZE Antoine
Mobile phone : +33 6 66 68 56 79
E-mail : 

High mountain guide :
Nama : Norbert Silvin
Mobile phone : +33 6 09 85 25 28
E-mail : 

A receiver(combined competition) of activity of open air: gone hiking, via ferrata and rafting
Technical level: intermediary.
A magnificent ride of two and a half days at the heart of the massif of Beaufortain, supervised by a guide in mountain. This massif renowned for the rich high mountain pastures at the origin of Beaufort, is also a great playground for the ride. The relatively soft slopes allow us to explore certain crests and to reach summits with view to 360 °. Situated at the heart of the alpine massif, between the massifs of Vanoise and the Mont Blanc, points of view are spectacular.  
Then, with a mountain guide, you explore the rock and the verticality in complete safety with her via ferrata. You raise yourselves on the rock of the wind and will have an improbable point of view on the lake of Roselend.
Finally, it is the guide of river who will make you discover in raft, 20 km of rapids of famous high Isère. At the rate of the torrent, you will explore a universe to part.
Group size

Required minimum number: 6  participants
Required maximum number: 12  participants
Maximum number of groups:  1

Accommodation type

Refuge of the Nant du Beurre: refuge kept in 2085 m. Half board.
Phone. : 06 82 70 26 99 Grand Naves - 73260 THE LECHERE
A capacity of 31 people. He is arranged in 5 dormitories and 2 rooms.
A dormitory of 6 beds, one of the 5, four of 4 beds and two rooms of 2 beds. Braids are supplied.

Refuge of Presset: refuge kept(guarded) in 2514 m. Half board.
Phone.: 06 87 54 09 18 / 09 88 18 39 19 ( kept(guarded) period)
A capacity of 30 places(squares), arranged in 5 dormitories of 6 sleepings around. Braids are supplied.

Inn of the Nova: inn kept(guarded) in 1549 m. Half board.
Phone. (low-season): 0664949835
Phone. (season): 0479890715
Erick and Muriel
In room of 2, 3 or 4 people.


Taken care from the dinner of the 1st day until the lunch of the last day.

Dinners and breakfasts are made in the refuge and the lunches are in forms of picnics, prepared by refuges.

The lunch of the 4th day will be a barbecue prepared together with your guide for the base of raft.


All the transport are understood(included).

Transfer in taxi the first day of the station SNCF(FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY) up to the hamlet of the Weighing.

The third day, from 6 to 12 people, the transport of the Cormet de Roseland is made with the mini bus of the guide.

Beyond 8, there will be a shuttle with a waiting time of 20 min.

The fourth day: 

From 6 to 8 people, the transport of the inn up to the base(basis) of rafting in Bourg-Saint-Maurice is made with the mini bus of the guide.

From 9 to 12, the transport is made with the mini bus of the guide and with the independent taxi.


Police formalities : Identity car valid

Sanitary formalities : Warn your guide of any medical risk. To realize this stay in the best conditions, we advise you to make beforehand a medical balance sheet with your general practitioner to confirm your capacity for the trekking.

Access to the meeting

By your own ways 


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500 € by participant for 4 days/3 nights if group from 6 to 8 participants,
480 € by participant for 4 days/3 nights if group from 9 to 10 participants,
465 € by participant for 4 days/3 nights if group from 11 to 12 participants.

The price includes

Elements described above concerning: 

  • Transfers in Taxi of the first, third and last day.
  • Three nights in the refuge
  • The half boards in the refuge
  • The picnics of 2nd, 3rd days and the barbecue of the 4th day.
  • The supervision of the guide in mountain, the graduate, the inhabitant la Tarentaise
  • The supervision of the mountain guide and the equipment of via - ferrata.
  • The supervision of the guide of river and the equipment necessary for the practice of the rafting.
The price don't includes

Elements described above concerning:

  • Your arrival to Bourg-Saint-Maurice.
  • The lunch (picnic) of the first day.
  • The return of Bourg-Saint-Maurice in your place of residence.
  • The transfer of the base of raft at the station of Bourg Saint Maurice (it will be gracefully made by the company of rafting).
  • The personal insurances: personal civil liability …
  • The individual equipment,
  • Drinks
  • Police formalities and sanitary
  • All which is not mentioned in this document
Payment terms

Deposit of 30 % on registration. Balance in 30 days of the departure. Payments accepted by bank transfer or bank card.


Every participant have to be a holder of a civil liability as well as an individual guarantee multirisk with the aim of protecting itself incidents or accidents which can arise before either during the trekking.

If needed, we propose you several formulae of insurances, under the condition that your place of residence is in Europe:

  • ASSISTANCE : repatriation / expenses of help and search in 1 % of the amount of the price,
  • CANCELLATION in 3,5 % of the amount of the price
  • In the case of purchase of both formulae, Assistance + cancellation to 4,5 %, you will be also covered for the interruption of stay. 

General arrangements of Insurance on brochures Europ Assistance.

Day 1: summits and high mountain pastures.

Departure: meeting at the station of Bourg-Saint-Maurice for 8:30 am.

Transport in Taxi up to the hamlet The Weighing: the starting point of the hike.

An authentic hamlet of mountain which plunges you immediately into the pastoral spirit of Beaufortain.

A beautiful ascent in a very sunny pine forest raises you in the zones of high mountain pasture of cows Tarines. Then the ascent at the top of Quermoz (2290m, offers you a fantastic view over the massif of Vanoise and collar of Madeleine. 

At night in the refuge of the Nant du Beurre.

5 hours of walking.

Made uneven: 650 m positive, 270 m negative,


Day 2: Crete and lakes

Departure: at about 9 am.

At the heart of the massif, the path allows us to remain everything the day on the heights. You have the privilege to walk on a very easily accessible crest which offers you points of view to 360 ° exceptional: collar of Madeleine, lakes of Beaufortain and Mont Blanc.

After high mountain pastures, it is the mineral universe which leads you towards the refuge of Presset, its lake and the famous rock of Pierra-Menta

6 am of walking.

Made uneven 950 m positive and 650 m negative.


Day 3: Cormet de Roseland and Via Ferrata Départ by 8:00 am.

Descent in the Coomb of the Nova which is the most important valley of the massif. Surrounded by two beautiful crests, the bottom of valley is a marvel. Courts of water, marmots and alpine flora accompany you until the Cormet de Roselend.

A mountain guide welcomes us and leads us at the foot of the way of her via - ferrata.

At the top of her via ferrata, you dominate the lake of Roselend and are welcomed by Edelweiss hung on on the rock.

Transport of the Cormet de Roseland up to the inn of the Nova where you spend at night. In the village of Chapieux, at the foot of the Needle of Glaciers (3816m in the massif of the Mont Blanc.

3:30 am of walking.

Made uneven 450 m positive and 1000 m negative.


Day 4: barbecue and Rafting on Isère Spare Time until 10:00 am when you take advantage of the particular atmosphere of the village of the end of the world of Chapieux as well as of its goat shed.

Barbecue prepared by your guide for the base of raft until 1:45 pm.

Rafting and equipment of 14 hours at 5:30 pm.

The route of raft is one of the most renowned of France. Length of 20km, he allows all to learn or to perfect in the pleasures of the navigation in running waters.

The first eight kilometers are playful and allow all to get his/her/its bearings with the river and the various techniques of navigation.

Then, you will have the enjoyment to cross in team and confidently with your guide the rapids of Aime and gorges of Centron.

After three days on the summits of Beaufortain, this aquatic experience is a delight!

Return in the starting point at the station SNCF(FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY) of Bourg Saint Maurice for 18 hours


It is of course only area code, it will be necessary to us to adapt ourselves to the hazards of the weather report as well as in the conditions of the mountain and the participants. In the last resort, the mid mountain guide remains only judge of the program whom he can modify because of imperatives of safety.

Equipment furnished

The equipment necessary for the practice of it via ferrata namely: belt, helmet and tethers.

The equipment necessary for the practice of the rafting: equipment néoprène (long john and jacket), let us put néoprènes, helmet, life jacket, paddle.

Slippers in every refuge.

Personal equipment to be planned

Not included in the cost and in informative purpose.

On one

  • Hiking boots.
  • Inhaling T-shirt.
  • A polar.
  • A windbreak.
  • A pants of ride.
  • Backpack about 30 - 35 liters at least.

In the backpack

  • Sunglasses, hat, cap, gloves.
  • Three underwear.
  • Three pairs of socks.
  • Three respirants T-shirts.
  • Three T-shirts.
  • A pair of shorts.
  • A light pants.
  • A very light polar
  • A swimsuit.
  • 1.5l of water.
  • Bars of cereal.
  • Dried fruits.

For comfort

  • Small first-aid kit.
  • Sunscreen: at least indication(index) 30.
  • Basic affairs of toilet: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, small hand towel.

Optional: twins(binoculars), camera.

Not exhaustive list