ski norvege lyngen

Ski in the country of auroras borealis, in the Alps of Lyngen!

Ski touring in the world
Duration: 8 days
from 2425 €
* for 5 or 6 people, see details
Technical level required:
Physical level required:

Minimal level : Stages from 4 am till 7 am on average (for your information). For good skier in any snow (600 in 1800 m of made uneven positive). Good control of the bends and the stops. Descents on slopes of 35 ° approximately, with sometimes, according to the route, the use of the belt and the passages in studs.

Walking time : Day 1 no, day 2 (about 4 hours), day 3 (about 5 h 30), day 4 (about 4 h), day 5 (about 5 h 30), day 6 (about 4 h 30), day 7 (about 7 h), day 8 no.

Heigh variation : day 2 (D+ 800 m / D- 800 m), day 3 (D+ 1275 m / D- 1275 m), day 4 (D+ 820 m / D- 820 m), day 5 (D+ 1395 m / D- 1395 m), day 6 (D+ 867 m / D- 867 m), day 7 (D+ 1834 m / D- 1834 m)

Luggage porterage : No

No preparation for the preliminary stay planned.


Name : Christophe VEROLLET
Diploma : High Mountain Guide
Mobile phone : +33 6 33 07 85 37
E-mail : 

Mars - 2021

Sat March 27th 2021 to Sat April 3rd 2021
Places disponibles : 1
Nb de personnesPrix
1 - 62 425,00 €

One week of ski within fabulous fjords of Norway, a unique experience!

The best period is March till the end of April. The snow is often of excellent quality, cold and powdery. March is one of the best to observe the magnificent auroras borealis.

April is top for the ski, a little less cold (corresponds to our February). The highest summit of Norway is Galdhøpiggen (on 2469 m). Thus there is no problem of acclimatization with the height!

Group size

Required minimum number: 4  participants
Required maximum number: 6  participants
Maximum number of groups:  1
Beyond 6 people, a second guide will be necessary with revaluation of the price.

Accommodation type

Hotel ** or *** in double room first night to Tromso.

Accommodation it lodge in dormitory or hotel *, in full board.


Full board from day 2 to 8 morning : Picnic taken out of the bag in noon, breakfast and in the evening in the lodge


Air transport included to go in Norway.

On-the-spot transport: rent of two vehicles, the one drives by the managerial employee, the other one by one of the participants


Police formalities : compulsory ID card with date of validity.

Sanitary formalities : Warn your guide of any medical risk. To realize this stay in the best conditions, we advise you to make beforehand a medical balance sheet with your general practitioner to confirm your capacity for the trekking.

Access to the meeting

By every possible means at your convenience

Plane ticket

Not refundable modifiable plane ticket, on regular airline company with stopover: Scandinavian Airlines, Lufthansa, KLM, Swiss, British Airways.

The name of one or several used Companies will be confirmed to you in the purchase of tickets.

Mapping and bibliography

Turkart 1/50 000, Lyngenhalvoya North and South

Climate or weather report

March corresponds more or less to our January in the Alps, and the April in February. Often changeable weather report: wind, cold, soft snows, beautiful.


See product


- 2800 € per person for a group of  4 participants, on basis of a plane ticket from Paris airport at 500 € each one, reevaluable the booking day of his flight (2150 € except flight)

- 2495 € per person for a group of  5 or 6 participants, on basis of a plane ticket from Paris airport at 500 € each one, reevaluable the booking day of his flight (1945 € except flight)

The price includes

Elements described above concerning: the flight France (Paris) - Norway ( Tromso), round trip, the preparation of the stay and the supervision by a high mountain guide UIAGM, the accomodation day 1 up to date 7, the full board day 2 up to date 8 in the morning, the rent of a vehicle for the on-the-spot transfers and the gasoline, the security equipment supplied by the guide (arva, shovel, probe, belt, collective equipment of safety), collective pharmacy.

The price don't includes

Elements described above concerning:

The personal insurances, the drinks, the personal equipment, the equipment which you would not have and which would not be supplied to you by the guide (to you to rent it before the meeting in the day 1), excess baggage (following ones conditions of the Company), the expenses of police formalities and toilets and all which is not mentioned in this document

Payment terms

eposit of 50 % in the registration. Pay in 60 days of the departure.

Regulations accepted by bank transfer, bank card or check payable to Vanoise Voyages.

Not modifiable and not refundable plane ticket, according to conditions of the Company of the ticket. 

Held in case of cancellation from 45 to 21 days: 30 % of the total amount of the journey; from 20 to 14 days: 50 % of the total amount of the journey; from 13 to 8 days: 75 % of the total amount of the journey; less than 8 days: 100 % of the total amount of the journey.


Every participant have to be a holder of a civil liability as well as an individual guarantee multirisk with the aim of protecting itself incidents or accidents which can arise before either during the trekking.

If needed, we propose you several formulae of insurances, under the condition that your place of residence is in Europe:

- ASSISTANCE : repatriation / expenses of help and search in 1 % of the amount of the price,

- CANCELLATION in 3,5 % of the amount of the price

- In the case of purchase of both formulae, Assistance + cancellation to 4,5 %, you will be also covered for the interruption of stay. 

General arrangements of Insurance on brochures Europ Assistance.

- Day 1: flight Paris - Tromso

An international flight will bring us to the airport of Frankfurt or Oslo, then during flight internal until Tromso. Short route by car up to the hotel to Tromso.


- Day 2: Tromso-Buren (802m)

That is first day of ski there! We shall just go above Tromso on the somemt of Buren, where the view is extraordinary because very open on the sea. Then route until Lyngseidet situated in the heart of fjords!

D + 800/D-800m / Approximately 4 hours


- Day 3: Lyngsedeit-Fastdalstinden (1275m)

Departure since the lodge skis direction the island of the North itself, on the summit of Fastalstinden. Seen on the unlimitedness of the Sea of Norway and its uncountable islands.

D + on 1275 m / D-on 1275 m / Approximately 5:30 hours


- Day 4: Lyngsedeit-Ruossavari (820m)

We take the car to join the north extremity of the north island of Lyngen. Ascension Day of Ruossavarri, incredible belvedere surrounded by waters.

D + 820 m / D - 820 m / Approximately 4 hours


- Day 5: Lyngsedeit-Tafeltinden (1395m)

Departure since Koppengen, sinners' village lost at the end of the world, for our first glacial summit of Norway, high Tafeltinden of its 1395 m.

D + on 1395 m / D-on 1395 m / Approximately 5:30 hours


- Day 6: Lyngsedeit-Bossonjavarri (867m)

Return on the south island after 20 mn of car. We go back up a magnificent valley filled with birches before climbing on Bossonjavarri. Fantastic view over Storfjorden.

D + 867 m / D - 867 m / Approximately 4:30 hours


- Day 7: Lyngsedeit-Jiehkkevarri (1834m)

 We continue the discovery of these two incredible islands of the Alps of Lyngen. After 1:15 hours of car, we shall try the ascent of Jiehkkevarri (1834m, more ha C summit of the island. The week which we shall have crossed will have prepared well us for this long and last day.

D + on 1834 m/D- on 1834 m/Approximately 7 hours


- Day 8: return up to the airport of Tromso - return in France.

Return by car until Tromso, and return by plane.


It is of course only area code, it will be necessary to us to adapt ourselves to the hazards of the weather report as well as in the conditions of the mountain and the participants. In the last resort, the mid mountain guide remains only judge of the program whom he can modify because of imperatives of safety.

Equipment furnished
  • - DVA (victim's detector of avalanche) / shovel / probe
  • - 1 Belt with a spring hook with screw
  • - Studs (if need)
  • - Collective security equipment (rope, spring hook etc.)
  • - Collective pharmacy
Personal equipment to be planned
  • - Ski boots of hike (with typical soles Vibram) 
  • - Skis + fixations of hike/skins of seal (glued well)/knives/sticks 
  • - Pants 
  • - Under low clothes and high inhaling type nap Merino (2 pairs) 
  • - polar Girl or down jacket 
  • - Jacket Gore-Tex (or cut wind) 
  • - hot Gloves (2 pairs) 
  • - Hat or headband 
  • - Cap (or other) 
  • - Glasses category 4 (high mountain) + mask of ski 
  • - Sunscreen and stick lip with raised protection factor (50) 
  • - Mini pharmacy (protection against bulbs, balls quies) 
  • - personal Medicine if need 
  • - Backpack of 35L with system of porterage of skis 
  • - Bottle of water about 1,5L and\or thermos jug of 50 in 75cl 
  • - A silk sheet for the refuge 
  • - Food of running (dried fruits, block energies, whole bread, dried meat)
  • - A speciality of your region that we shall have the pleasure to share!

Watch out! Inform you in advance with sports stores to rent the equipment which you would not have.

Not exhaustive list